This is in response to Ellen Field’s letter (Feb. 28) about “stuff” the Democrats want. They actually want a lot more than what she included, such as putting legislation together behind closed doors, pass it “by hook or by crook”  (stressed by Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.), and become the law without being read.

That is why Republicans became the party of “no.” They didn’t want to have bills such as ObamaCare shoved down people’s throats, using untruths in order for the bill to be implemented (which caused millions of people to lose their insurance coverage).

The amassing and abuse of power, control and corruption that President Obama and his administration have used, such as blame, delays, excuses and cover-ups to attain what they want, is neither ethical nor constitutional. Obama, himself, said that the best thing about being president is that he can do whatever he wants.

Whoa. There is a limit, like overspending. The U.S. is not an imperialistic nation.

Whenever people go against the Democratic grain, they are accused of being racist or bigoted. If either former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice or John Hopkins professor Dr. Benjamin Carson were to run for president, I would gladly vote for either one. They are people of dignity and integrity.

That is what it takes to be president and leader of this country.

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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