The political cartoon in the March 15 Sun Journal was childish and pathetic. The Affordable Care Act is our president sending a train off a bridge? Really?

In my family’s case, that is far from the truth. We are an ACA success story.

In 2013, I left a full-time job, and my family lost the health insurance that was tied to my employer. For one month, we used COBRA (cost, $2,200). Then, we found an “affordable” plan that cost $1,200 each month with a $10,000 deductible. In 2013, we spent $15,000 on health insurance and $5,000 for expenses that did not reach the deductible level. That was one-third of our income.

Along comes the Affordable Care Act that promised families affordable heath insurance that was “off the grid.” Like others, we were frustrated on Oct. 1 by the bogus web site. We hung in there and purchased insurance in December that offered us comparable-to-better coverage with a $4,700 deductible. When we plugged in our annual income, we discovered that we would pay only $400 each month. What a huge relief.

What a great function of government. What a success.

I am grateful for the legislation that gives us more freedom and choice and allows us to be independent from job-lock.

The president should be thanked for the opportunity for so many Americans to feel the security of adequate health coverage that is not limited by pre-existing conditions, allows us to cover our 23-year-old son, and doesn’t break our individual budgets.

Lisa Moore, Harrison

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