What do a panada, a turtle and a waterfall have in common? They delight our Student Art Month page, of course!

While road crews will soon be busy filling in pavement cracks, a Paris walk-in clinic is trying to fill the cracks in health care by offering inexpensive minor services for the uninsured.

The white sand beach is bordered by a verdant forest, green palms waving high on a blue sky. It’s warm, and the sea surrounding the tropical island laps at your feet. You’re on vacation, so do you:

a) Lay on the beach

b) Decide you’re staying forever, quit your job, and renounce your citizenship to build off-the-grid bamboo cabins?

c) Spend your time volunteering at a local school, and bring a surprise donation of badly needed goods?


Find out what Andrea Owens, Oxford resident and a nanny for the Saudi Arabian royal family, chose.

Oxford’s turning into the Hamptons – or, at least, the Hamptons are turning to Oxford –  after developers announced this week a Hampton Inn hotel will go up across the road from the Oxford Casino. Construction begins soon – weary gamblers rejoice!

If the oohs and aahs of a new hotel aren’t exciting enough, listen  – really, we have a video – to the excited voices of Agnes Gray Elementary students after learning their principal was named Maine’s best.

Buckfield gave their new Town Manager Cindy Dunn more work to do after agreeing to a contract with the long-time employee that slashes payroll by merging the clerk and manager’s duties.  Dunn’s first task? Devising a budget.

Hebron bumps up its budget for cemeteries, Buckfield volunteers are delayed by lawsuit fears, and those we interviewed don’t seem to fear surveillance.

All this and more in this week’s edition of the Advertiser Democrat. 

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