Two years ago, voters in Wales, Sabattus and Litchfield voted 2-to-1 to keep their regular school bus drivers. What part of that doesn’t the school board understand? How do we explain to our children that voting doesn’t count? Don’t we want them growing up knowing that it does?

Parents teach their children not to talk to strangers, yet the school board is willing to turn the children over to drivers they don’t know every day.

The current drivers are neighbors, friends and part of our kids’ extended families. They are hard-working taxpayers, too. They deserve more respect than being tossed aside just to save a few dollars. The taxpayers already voted to pay for drivers they know the children will be safe with, every day.

You get what you pay for. Our children deserve the best, not discounted drivers.

Sandra Noyes, Sabattus

Editor’s note: On March 26, the RSU 4 Board of Directors was scheduled to vote on whether to award a contract for bus driving to Northeast Charter. The board opted not to vote on the bid, and has not yet scheduled a date to take up the matter again.

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