Amenities such as active-living communities that boast top-of-the-line features typically are the first things individuals seek. Age-restricted, 55-plus communities cater to what the name implies — people who are age 55 and older.

However, these home developments are a far cry from what they used to be. Now they rival some of the best resorts in their features and are designed entirely around the needs of a group of active, amenity driven people.

Plus, considering there now are more Americans age 65 and older than in any other point in history, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, developers understand the benefits of catering to this group of people. Therefore, there are more high-end, active-living communities now than ever before.

There are many choices with regard to active adult retirement communities. Many of these developments boast everything from detached, single-family homes to villas to condominiums. These residences are built with the active adult in mind.

Here are some of the benefits that these communities boast.

Community companionship

Due to the age-restricted nature of active-adult-home-developments, the residents are all in a similar age range, and may have similar interests. At a time in life when friendships from work may waver due to retirement, and older children may be busy with their own lives, these communities can help foster new friendships.

Whether through community-sponsored activities or just through home proximity, residents can enjoy one another’s company and never worry about feeling lonely into their retirement years.

Low- or no-maintenance living

One of the biggest attractions to active-adult living is that these homes are built to provide worry-free living. Included in the home ownership fees are provisions to take care of much of the interior and exterior maintenance. That means should a pipe leak or the lawn needs mowing, maintenance staff rather than the homeowner will handle the problem.

This peace of mind enables residents to pursue interests rather than worry about the upkeep on their homes. Many times the community is expertly manicured, helping to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Activity-based fun

Many communities build activities into the living plan. Therefore, there may be a workout room, the game center, exercise classes, movie nights, and many other attractions to keep residents busy. Active-adult communities may be similar to all-inclusive vacations and cruises in that they have their own activities coordinator on staff.

Should residents prefer solo activities, the property on which these homes are built are often created with recreation in mind. There can be walking paths or areas for cycling. Pools and spas are often part of the living package as well.


Individuals who are no longer bogged down with work requirements may be more likely to take vacations or go visiting. In a traditional home, there may be worries about leaving the home unattended for a period of time. However, in 55-plus residences, homes may be in gated communities or have security patrols.

Also, the sheer number of homes in a townhouse-style building can camouflage homes that are currently vacant, easing the minds of those who are planning on going away.

Concierge services

Some of the more exclusive communities may have staff who can help with everything from booking vacations to helping with moving details. There also are developments that offer transitional homes, and someone may be available to help with the transition from an active-style home to one that has nursing staff or assisted living offerings at that time in life when it is needed.

Active-living communities offer many of the features that recently retired people seek in homes that do not compromise on amenities. Individuals who are looking for comfortable, maintenance-free homes often seek out these developments for the convenience and services they offer. 

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