Warmer weather brings hopes of donning something other than the winter parka,  and as temperatures climb – a very small ladder, admittedly – we temper our eagerness for spring with signs of the seasons: mud and potholes!

Though the weather can’t be controlled, West Paris Fire Chief Norm St. Pierre is upset about what can be – fire hydrants. St. Pierre is concerned that many hydrants aren’t being properly maintain, and therefore don’t work.

Freely flowing water on an Otisfield resident’s pond produced some anxious moments when his dog decided to take a run over the partially frozen surface. Lassie? Decide for yourself after you read about the heroics of the fire department.

Some spring events are never a surprise: school budgets arrive like clockwork. Last week a committee approved $37.65 million in spending for SAD 17, reflecting mandatory  increases dictated by the state. What programs are getting more money, and how much are taxes going up? You need but ask.

A building buckles under the pressure, an auction of Shaner’s equipment draws a crowd and we ask People on the Street if they’d ‘go green’ if it meant getting some ‘green’ for their wallets.

All this and more in this week’s edition of The Advertiser Democrat.

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