SUMNER — Speed limit signs will be posted on four town roads this spring, and selectmen are waiting for the state to respond to their request for limits on three others.

In a March 17 letter to the town, Maine Department of Transportation traffic engineer Gene Uhuad notified the town that official speed limits for Gammon, Redding, Black Mountain and Labrador Pond roads had been approved.

Limits on Gammon and Redding roads were pegged at 35 miles mph. Black Mountain Road was given 20, 30 and 35 mph zones, and Labrador Pond Road was given 20 and 20 mph zones. 

Selectmen Chairman Walter Litchfield, who lives on Labrador Pond Road, said residents sometimes raise concerns about motorists speeding on the road, but it is not an everyday problem. 

Speed limits on Labrador Pond are not changing, but a new sign will be placed on the western end of the road, Litchfield said. To his knowledge, there are presently no speed limits on the other roads, he said.

According to Litchfield, getting speed limit signs has been an ongoing process for almost a year. 

Selectmen brought it up after hearing concerns from residents about the danger speeding drivers posed, particularly to children and pets, Litchfield said. 

MDOT officials are still reviewing speed limits for Arthur Allen, Bonney and Valley roads. Town Clerk Susan Runes said state highway workers may review Arthur Allen Road after it has been graded this spring. The department’s evaluation of Bonney and Valley roads will continue this spring, according to Uhuad’s letter. 

Runes said speed limit signs cost approximately $40 each. The town will need to install between 12 and 14 signs, she said.

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