Almost anything that can hold soil and plants can be used for a container garden. Consider these options:

• Aquariums

• Baby buggies

• Barrels

• Baskets

• Bathtubs

• Boots and shoes

• Bottles

• Bowls

• Buckets

• Cans

• Chairs

• Coffee mugs

• Colanders

• Cradles

• Crates

• Cups

• Desks

• Dresser drawers

• Hats

• Helmets

• Jars

• Jugs

• Kettles

• Kids’ pools

• Lunchboxes

• Mailboxes

• Paint cans

• Pitchers

• Pots and pans

• Rowboats

• Shopping carts

• Sinks

• Tins

• Tires

• Tackle boxes

• Toolboxes

• Toy cars and trucks

• Wagons

• Watering cans

• Wheelbarrows

With a few modifications, any of these items would make great container gardens. Take a look around your home. You are sure to find more options. Old burlap sacks, for example, can easily be converted into hanging planters.

Got a worn table sitting in the back of the garage? Convert it into a planter. Cut a hole in the top, sink a pot into the hole and twist any vines that emerge around the table legs. Now that’s a planter, and the best part is, you reused the table instead of tossing it into the landfill.

Just imagine how lovely your new planter will look on your front porch surrounded by several pairs of old rain boots blooming with flowers.

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