Live in a high-rise complex in the middle of a bustling city, and trees probably weigh little on your mind. Live in a suburban home amid beautifully landscaped lawns, and trees probably mean a great deal to you.

If you have some trees in your landscape, here are some tips to ensure they stay healthy for years to come.

Learn as much as you can about the trees in your landscape. What problems are the trees susceptible to? Elm trees, for example, are susceptible to Dutch elm disease, which usually begins with a dying branch or two in the top of the tree. Dutch elm disease has wiped out hundreds of elm trees across the United States. Read up on the trees in your area and know how to spot the first signs of trouble.

Inspect the trees in your landscape periodically. Are they healthy? Are they full, lush and green? Are the leaves and branches disease and insect free? If not, now is the time to bring in a professional to evaluate any suspicious-looking trees. The trees may be healthy, just in need of a good pruning, or they could be suffering from a disease. One diseased tree can lead to several diseased trees in a very short time.

Take care of the trees in your landscape. Tend to those that need it and leave the others be. Healthy, mature trees generally require very little care. Don’t overdo it with the watering, fertilizing and pruning. Most mature trees do not require additional water or fertilizer, nor do they require regular pruning. The removal of dead branches, water sprouts and base suckers is enough. You may mulch around your trees if you wish to reduce weeds, retain moisture and prevent mower nicks, but it is not necessary.

Finally, respect the trees in your landscape. Mow and trim around them with care. Keep cars, trucks and heavy machinery away from them to reduce the risk of compacting the soil and damaging the roots. Should your home undergo a remodel, mark off your trees to keep heavy equipment operators away from them.

Trees are an important aspect of a landscape. Care for yours properly. Prune them when necessary, respect them always and watch over them with care.

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