This is in response to the letter from Jim Tierney (March 31). I am one of the 38 percent who voted for Gov. Paul LePage. I believe that welfare fraud is well within the top 10 concerns for people in the state of Maine.

Every week, when I pick up my paycheck, I look at the amounts that have been deducted. I know several people who are very capable of working yet have figured how not to have to. I have a few questions for people who have money deducted from the pay they work for, such as:

— Do you know a person living within a half-mile from you who receives some sort of welfare, yet who could work, without risking anything in the process?

— Do you know any “vulnerable people” who are not working but who could, they just don’t want to?

— Do you know of any family members or friends who do not work, yet could?

I am betting that there aren’t many who could answer each question with a “no.” But prove me wrong.

How important is welfare fraud to most Mainers? Gov. LePage and I are on the same page — it is No. 1.

Gregory Ellis, Pittston

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