We apologize for skipping last week’s teaser into the stories happening around town. We got busy, then we got sidetracked and, before you could snap your fingers and ask, “Where’s spring?” the week was gone.

In due consideration for making up for the loss, we jump right into this week’s edition with a question: how many engineers can you fit on the front page?

We don’t need an owl to get to the answer; this week it was two.

The first feat of physics featured engineers, who had a field day – spending a whole day – in Paris checking the condition of an oil tank at the Paris Elementary School with the goal of easing fears a spill might contaminate the town’s water supply. Their verdict? Keep drinking the water.

Engineers of a different stripe discussed plans to lay sewer pipes along Route 26 with Oxford residents impacted by the first phase of the proposed project.

Engineers weren’t the only ones with water and earth on their minds; Earth Day saw Norway residents parading up and down the streets – walking, of course – to hail this great blue ball we call home.


Global warming and planetary climate change were topics on the minds of marchers just in time for the thawing date of the Lake Penneeseewassee. The ice-out was officially declared on April 24, bucking the trend of recent years for historically early dates.

Will history come to bear when Paris residents take to polls in June to determine their next selectmen? Four faces familiar to the town’s political milieu are running for two seats.

Paris says goodbye business run by the same family for a century, we take the minimum wage with residents and a business man shares his humble beginnings in Real Person.

All this and more in this week’s edition of the Advertiser Democrat. 


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