To some, they are just the men who ride a big, loud, brightly-colored firetruck, who show up when they are needed.

To politicians, they become a line in the budget, a number — something they can cut to “save money.”

In reality, they are so much more.

They are the men who risk their own lives to save you, your loved ones and belongings, no matter the cost. There are the sleepless nights and very long hard days.

They are the men who leave for 24-hour shifts, away from their wives and children. These men give up birthdays, holidays, family days, date nights — sometimes even at the last moment when the sound of the pager goes off — all to protect the place you call home.

Why? Because they love what they do.

Don’t let them become a number or a line. Take the time to show your support, because there may come a time that you are the one in need, and that line with the numbers has been cut.

Mandy Anderson, Lewiston

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