100 years ago, 1914
Any transfer of firearms done thru a business house must be recorded in a book kept for that purpose together with the name and address of the recipient. Chief McCarron of Lewiston will notify the dealers, pawnbrokers, or anyone whose business may include a transfer of firearms, that the police will insist on the record being kept in accordance with the state law. This was his statement, Friday: Chapter 133 of the Revised Laws of Maine, 1913, deals with the sale of firearms and is plain in its mandate and the penalty imposed. Any pawnbroker for instance who sells a revolver must take the name of the purchaser, the calibre and make of the gun and keep the data on record. A fine not exceeding $50 may be imposed for neglect. A similar penalty is provided for a person giving a fictitious name to the dealer.

50 years ago, 1964
The Crusaders for Common People of Lewiston supported the calling of a meeting of Lewiston industrialists with Mayor Roland L. Marcotte Friday at the DeWitt Hotel. The CCP urged the body to reach an “objective and progressive program” for the Lewiston industrial development program. The organization adopted the following resolution: “We the members of the Crusaders for Common People, realizing the importance of this program in Lewiston, recommend to the people who will attend this meeting that an objective and progressive program be adopted. We strongly support the program and intend to take an active part in the future in seeing that the City of Lewiston can again become the industrial heart of Maine.” The announcement was made by Donat Dufour, a CCP official.

25 years ago, 1989
A person wielding a BB gun did more than $6,700 damage in the Twin Cities in the early morning hours of Sunday, shooting out the windows of 47 vehicles in Lewiston and Auburn. The incidents occurred between 1 and 3 a.m., according to police reports, with most of the 22 Auburn incidents occurring in the New Auburn area. In Lewiston, the 25 incidents were concentrated in two areas, one in the vicinity of Pine and Sabattus streets, the other in the vicinity of Lisbon Street and South Avenue. Police in both cities are investigating the incidents.

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