In a world of competing interests, Rep. Mike Michaud’s environmental policies capitalize on the relationship between nature and economic and societal benefits.

His support of renewable energy and efficiency promotes the well-being of more than Maine’s natural beauty; and his opposition to the proposed East-West highway and KXL Pipeline demonstrates his commitment to providing energy and transportation without resorting to environmental degradation.

The same regard for the environment and, concurrently, Maine’s people, is not present in Gov. LePage, who vetoed a common-sense bill to provide rebates for families installing solar panels and electric heat pumps. LePage’s veto aligned with his strict prohibition on increasing costs, despite the estimated average additional cost being about five cents per month.

Rep. Mike Michaud is the best choice for governor when considering Maine’s environment and, since the environment is intricately tied to the well-being of Maine’s citizens, the best choice for governor in 2014.

Britta Clark, Lewiston

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