I found it interesting that N.J. Gov. Chris Christie came to Maine to endorse our most esteemed king, Gov. Paul LePage.

Christie is well known as one of the rudest, loudmouthed bullies to serve as governor in any state. King Paul, as everyone knows, bows down to no man in his contempt for all who may disagree with him.

That must have been an amazing conversation between those two mean-spirited monarchs.

It is interesting that, once elected, Christie immediately pushed through huge tax cuts in New Jersey and that state now faces an $800 million deficit and has had its bond rating downgraded five times (reported by MSNBC).

Maine’s King Paul has recently proposed his own huge tax cut with no mention of how the state will be able to maintain the level of service that the government currently provides.

Oh well, I’m sure that our beloved King Paul will just wave his scepter and all the state’s money troubles will be swept away. Or maybe state officials will be forced to just double or triple the sales tax or the property tax.

I wonder which path King Paul will take?

Beware of people who promise you that you can get all you want without paying for it. The people of New Jersey are seeing the impact of that thinking now. Why should we follow along that stupid path?

Let’s learn from their mistakes, not make them our mistakes.

Robert Tremaine, Livermore Falls

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