What a bracing depiction of fierce scientific debate in the Washington Post article, “Big Bang backlash: Cosmologists question discovery of gravity waves” (Sun Journal, May 17).

BICEP2 scientists announced evidence of gravity waves from the dawn of time. Can this be evidence for the widely debated “cosmic inflation” theory suggesting the rapid nature of the early universe’s expansion?

Fellow scientists greeted the “great discovery” with “questions, doubts and demands for more data.” Questioners acknowledged that BICEPA2 scientists “have very nice measurements of something. We don’t know what that something is.” Everyone waits for the Planck telescope’s follow-up. Brian Greene advised “asking hard questions” of this discovery . . . “hit it with a sledgehammer and see if it survives.”

Global warming’s “discovery” received no fierce scientific debate. Dr. James Hansen of NASA, at a 1988 Senate hearing, declared anthropogenic global warming an existential threat. Democratic politicians and environmentalists immediately championed the discovery. The next day’s New York Times headline rushed to declare, “Global Warming Has Begun.” Rivers of funding, praise and status upgrades quickly flowed to scientists who would turn their research to authenticate the imminent menace.

Uncritical Democrat political involvement kept the scientific community from subjecting global warming’s hysteria to the rigorous questioning BICEP2 received. Instead, demonization, ostracism and a cutoff of funds punished scientists daring to question the dubious data behind the “settled science” of global warming.

Global warming is our age’s naked emperor on parade. The media, academia and leftist elite demand commoners applaud its finery lest they scald us with contempt.

Leonard Hoy, Greenwood

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