It’s a rare form of cancer that’s present in her sinus cavities. She spent most of 2009 undergoing treatment which consisted of a combination of Chemotherapy and Proton Radiation. It was a long year, filled with many challenges, and weekly trips to either Portland or Boston.

At the end of the year, she was put on a routine schedule of MRI’s frequently to monitor for relapse.

From the time of her diagnosis to now, Maiya has continued to grow and be the active, vibrant little girl she has been since birth. She attends dance classes along with being a first grader, and enjoys her time with her family and friends.

She has been in remission for going on five years now, and the doctors say that the longer she goes with no regrowth of the tumor, the better her chances are that she won’t have any reoccurrence.

To look at her today, you would never know that she was sick. Even though she was very young and doesn’t remember a lot about her treatment process, she has been an inspiration for those who know and love her. She encourages us to be thankful for each and every day, and reminds us that life is worth fighting for!

Though we were inspired by Maiya to get involved in Relay For Life, her story is only one of many. Almost anyone you ask can name at least one person they know who has cancer, or have a loved one they lost to cancer. It is a life-changing and sometimes very devastating disease that not only affects the person diagnosed, but alters the lives of all family and friends associated with that individual.

It is our goal to raise money to help fight against cancer. Not only does money raised help to fund research, it also goes to support those struggling to fight against this disease, as the financial burden of treatment and recovery can be great. We are passionate about this cause.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about Maiya, and your consideration in supporting our mission!

Upcoming events for Maiya’s Missionaries include an open house for a 31 Party at 4 p.m. on May 13 at JFL Lane, with door prizes and drawings. Preorders can be placed in advance by calling Devon at 418-4417. Another event will be a bake sale at the Dollar Store on May 16. Proceeds for both go to the Relay For Life. They also assist with the luminaries and the calendars for Relay For Life.

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