PARIS — The Oxford Hills High School lass of 1979 will hold its 35th class reunion on Saturday, Aug. 2. The class and guests will 0cruise the night away on the Songo River Queen from 6:30 to 10 p.m.

Information, and the opportunity to sign-up online, look for the Facebook page OHHS Class of 1979 35th Class Reunion Invitation for 8-2-2014.

The Reunion Committee will send out invitations on Monday, June 2, via email and snail mail.

The committee is looking for addresses for the following classmates:

Cecelia Abbott, Mike Aldrich, Colleen Ames Landers, Rusty Andrews, Scott Andrews, Ken Bacon, Denise Baker, Perry Baker, Christine Barker Libby, Dale Barker, Becky Bartlett Merola, Stephen Bean, Sherry Blais, Elizabeth Blake, Elizabeth Blaquiere, Beth Brackett Sullivan, Dale Brackett, Tim Brackett.

Sharon Broadhead Imbert, Annette Brown Bushman, Betty Brown Packard, Chris Brown, Terry Bryant, Paula Burnell Steckino, Jeff Burns, Jolene Carro, Dana Chaplin, Jo Ann Clark, John Clark, Michele Clark Stevens, William Clifford, Melissa Cole Whitter, Michael Culbert, Marilee Cummings, Roland Bruce Curtis, Susan Cyr, Deanna Dale Bauer.


Melody Davis Plummer, Mike Dignan, Pauline Donahue, Anne Dow, Ronald Doyle, Wayneglyn Dresser Andrews, Kerry Dunn Morin, Terri Dunn, Michael Dyer, Carma Elfstrom, Lynda Ellingwood Poland, Carlton Estes, Rick Estes, Roberta Estes Dubois, Talley Estes, Thomas Fanning, John Farr, Lynn Farrar Smith, Pamela Felker Cox, Wayne Field, Danny Flagg, William Friberg.

Vickie Gatchell Raymond, Todd Gauger, Russell Giasson, Diane Giles, Robert Gove, Harrington, Anthony Todd Grant, Harold Grant, Shane Green, Barbara Hackett Whittemore, Trudy Hadley Harlow, Donna Hakala Ryder, Cheryl Hall, Tricia Hall, Kristina Harding, Andrea Harmon Brackett, Beverly Hartlett, Billy Haskell, Jackie Hatstat, William Heald, Troy Henckel, Stanley Herrick, Debbie Holbrook Roy, Sally Holt.

Brenda Hoskins Stearns, Rebecca How Lippincott, Allyn Hutchinson, Debi Irons, Terri Irons, Thomas Irvine, Amy Jackson, Beth Jackson, Valerie Jackson Rothen, Jeff Jewell, Tim Johnson, David Jones, John Jones, Katherine Jones, Delia Jordan, Donald Jordan, Karen Jordan, Karen Jordan, Karol Kane, Charlene Knight Ripley, Jeff Knightly, Robin Knowlan Millett, Lisa Kochias Ketner.

Dale Kotthaus, Bruce Lacroix, Lisa Ladd, Peter Ladegaard Sorensen, Morgan Laidlaw Silver, Kurt Lang, Brenda Legere Rowe, Paul Leino, Lenora Libby Belliveau, Wendy Libby Lindblad, Delbert Lombard, Dorothy Lovell Guimond, John Luce, William MacDonald, Nancy Maglione, Janet Mains, Ernest Martin, Zoltan Matolcsy, Tammy Mayberry.

Richard McAlister, Christine McAllister McBean, Frederick McAllister, Stephen McAllister, Pam McKay, Jean McKeen, John McKenzie, Brian Merrill, Rusty Millett, Kenny Mills, Rick Moody, Gail Moore Morang, James Moulton, Donald Moyse, Craig Myers, Roxanne Niemi Cyr, Mark Niskanen, Tina O’Hearon Guerrero, Karen Olmstead Wenzell, Albert Page, Elizabeth Page, Kimba Pettingill Haney, David Phillips, Todd Pike, Donald Piper, Gary Potvin.

Evelyn Pouliot, Kelly Quinn Hall, Bonney Ramsay Fogg, Jerry Record, Deborah Feed, Diane Reed, Arthur Reynolds, Dawn Rideout Donahue, Robert Ripley, Jonathan Roakes, Alan Robbins, Barbara Robbins, Randy Robitaille, Lyndon Rogers, Cathy Rowe Barrett.


Charles Rowe, Gordon Salls, William Sanborn, Robin Saunders, Dale Scribner, Keith Scribner, Thomas Scribner, Warren Slattery, Billy Smith, Brett Smith, Davy Smith, Marcia Smith, Philip Smith, Robert Smith, Alfred Snow, Peri Stamboni, Fred Staples, Thomas Staples, Paul Starbird, Thomas Starbird, Sally Stevens, William Stevens, Scott Stone, Sheila Stout Crow.

Alan Swan, Jeffrey Thorpe, Stacey Thorson, Todd Tilley, Karen Toothaker Nelson, Daniel Tracy, Joey Tracy, Rick Tripp, Suzanne Tuttle, Donald Tuttle, Christine Twitchell LaFebvre, Diane Jackson, Terrie Twitchell Jackson, Joy Tyner Braley, Jeff Verrill, Paula Verrill Pike, Cynthia Waisanen Pike, Jeff Ward. Judy Wells, Jeff White, Deborah Whitman Chavez, Danny Whittemore, Alan Wilson, Sarah Young Miclon, Donna Ziemak.

The 1979 Reunion Committee is composed of Laurie Mills Proctor, Terry Hoyt, Patty Marshall Rice, Tina Thompson Colby, Wayne Whittemore, Stuart Littlefield and Kristi Bancroft.

The committee would prefer email addresses, but a regular home address will do. Send them to, Terry Hoyt, 17 Freedom Lane, Oxford, ME 04270 or, Laurie Mills Proctor, 44 Fair St., Norway, ME 04268.

Email addresses can be sent to the Facebook page or Leave a Reunion subject line.

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