Here we go again. I see Trout Unlimited gets front page coverage in the Sun Journal (June 1), touting what good work it does for all the people of the state. How they are surveying ponds in the north and some streams in the south, just to help, but I didn’t see anything in that article about the dark side of that club —  you know, their political side.

You see, if the folks at Trout Unlimited don’t like a certain outdoor group they can go to their representatives and get that group banned by law to never go in “their” rivers again. That is what happened to the gold dredgers.

Folks from Trout Unlimited must have seen dredgers up on the rivers during their surveys, then they went running to their representatives in government.

What I would like to see is the same recognition for the soon-to-be-endangered gold dredgers, so all can hear the real truth about dredging — not the falsehoods Trout Unlimited is spreading.

Mark Kindlimann, Lisbon

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