FARMINGTON — Being organized has always been a priority for Nancy Titus.

“Clutter stresses me out,” she said.  “Even as a child, before I could play house, I had to straighten up first.”

It is a skill that she wants to share with others. 

Over the past year, she’s worked to develop a part-time business appropriately called, Need 2 Be Organized.

As an education technician in Regional School Unit 9, Titus has the summers off with her three sons. But, there is no pay. 

So, she asked herself, “What can I do?” What would allow her to still be there for her sons and choose her time to work.

When she took stock of her God-given gifts, she thought organization might be a skill that was marketable, she said. There is also a good share of teaching and serving others involved.

“I help them get started,” she said. “Sometimes they need a boost, encouragement and a plan.”

Since she began last June, it’s gotten off to a good start, she added.

Clutter physically weighs her down, she said. Organization is mentally freeing, there’s more space and it can save money. People often intend to buy something they already have but have forgotten about, she said.

Through adult education, she’s offered a couple courses on organization and plans to again this fall. She teaches basic tips but it is also about helping people not feel so overwhelmed and learn to celebrate the victory of managing even one pile, she said.

“It’s hard to get started. We’re overwhelmed with our own stuff. Some put it off and for some it’s hard to schedule time for it,” she said. “Some times we just need fresh eyes, a little help and some encouragement.”

This fall she’s planning to offer classes on time and paper management.

“People leave class with the information and are excited to go and do it,” she said.

But the business is about more than just teaching. It is about doing it, she said.

Whether it is cleaning a closet or rearranging an office, Titus makes a plan with a client and then helps them physically accomplish it, she said.

“I do the grunt work,” she added.

She’s the one who takes everything out of the closet and working with the client make piles to save, give away or store. Then she vacuums and washes the woodwork and helps put it back, she said.

It is up to the person what they want, what is best for them, she said.

Titus and her family moved to Maine eight years ago so her husband could become pastor of Farmington Baptist Church. Now they have a church that meets in their home, Christ Community Church.

Getting the word out and marketing her skill in Franklin County has been challenging, she said.

She plans to create house parties where the host gets a percentage off any project for asking friends to come and listen to Titus speak about topics on organization.

Facebook has also allowed her the opportunity to share information, she said. She has also become a member of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce.

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