As a taxpayer of this state and of this country, I agree with the governor that no General Assistance be given to illegal immigrants. There are barely sufficient funds to support our own people without supporting those who show up illegally.

The reason people come to this country illegally is to get supported, as they cannot get support from their own country.

Taxes are high on those who pay taxes (and I certainly do not want to pay extra taxes to support illegal immigrants). Also, there is not sufficient employment for all legal residents.

It would be different if there were an abundance of jobs with work opportunities for any new arrivals.

I think it would be a lot cheaper to transport any illegal immigrants back to their countries than give them all General Assistance. And that would reduce the population here, giving the opportunity for our people to obtain what little employment there is available. That would probably reduce the amount of assistance needed.

This country, this state and its cities have to live within funds available and not rely on raising taxes.

I know that is difficult, but something has to be done.

Joseph Breton, Sabattus

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