Articles by Scott Thistle, Chris Cousins, Amy Fried and Mario Moretto, published between June 30 and July 3, betray objective journalism, presenting discussions and opinions about unproven allegations made against four law-abiding Maine citizens by blogger Mike Tipping, as if his unsupported allegations were verified facts.

Tipping’s hatchet job on Gov. Paul LePage, in the first chapter of his not-yet-released book, alleges LePage met with four “radicals” tied to a group called “Sovereign Citizens” that Tipping claims (without proof) engages in acts of violence and lawlessness, and are considered “domestic terrorists” by law enforcement.

Tipping painted four honorable men, acting under constitutional authority, with the black brush of “domestic terrorism.”

That Maine newspapers would print Tipping’s allegations is irresponsible, likely libelous, and has subjected four innocent Mainers to character assassination, guilt by false association and “trial” by an ill-informed press and self-serving politicians (Mark Eves and Justin Alfond).

One of the men, Wayne Leach, is a good friend and a true patriot, who I know for a fact is not connected to the “Sovereign Citizens” and that he never advocated any form of violence.

All he and the others did was to lawfully uphold their rights and duties to notify Maine government officers of unconstitutional actions, demand redress of grievances and urge restoration of constitutional governance.

Pursuant to the self-executing Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th Amendment to the national Constitution, public officers who perjure their oaths by not upholding the Constitution instantly vacate their offices. Thus, their removal from office is constitutionally ordained.

Margaret Flynn, Bingham

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