I realize that one of the top priorities of government is to create jobs, but spending $17 million on the on/off ramps in Lewiston for the turnpike is ridiculous.

I was driving south on the turnpike recently and thinking I have back roads in my home town that are smoother than that rutted road. It does not make sense.

The Maine Turnpike Authority should be overseen by someone in Augusta so they don’t throw money away on pork belly projects. Yes, jobs were created, but to replace asphalt on the many miles of the turnpike makes more sense than spending tons of money redirecting the traffic entering or leaving Lewiston. Use taxpayer funds and proceeds from the tolls for better roadbeds and smooth traveling. That might even increase tourism in this beautiful state.

Spend money where it will do and show the most. That $17 million would surely pave miles in Maine and still create many jobs. Maine roads might even resemble those in New Hampshire.

Steve Goulet, Greene

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