The nation’s first laws on immigration granted citizenship to all who were here. Since that time, more have come to celebrate America by participating in that dream. As a result, America flourished, growing by small, then large, steps.

But these United States prospered because all pitched in to grow their small part that forged a functional economy.

Eventually, Congress provided a safety net for those whose lives met with misfortune. But they created a much larger net than needed, and some people discovered that the able-bodied need not work, just vote for those who would keep the money coming.

Eventually, the world knew that America was giving other people’s hard-earned money away and the dream of independence became dependency.

Under President Obama, the U.S. is borrowing 47 cents of every dollar to maintain a dismal economy of 315 million people. Obama’s lawless pen and the media have invited a mass migration of children to travel from troubled homelands into and through cartel zones and across our southern border for a new life, dispersed from Maine to California. Just young children used as a shield for the gangs, criminals and terrorists, who are coddled by Obama as not to offend war criminals.

Obama has pulled the carpet from beneath the public and disregarded the law, while Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree have been silent on actions that degrade the nation’s defenses.

We cannot afford a blind and dumb Congress anymore.

Larry Mayes, Lewiston

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