Despite efforts by the GOP to say otherwise, people know Mike Michaud. He’s the same steady, reliable guy he’s always been — the guy Mainers have sent to Congress for term after term, because they know he’ll do the right thing.

He didn’t earn endorsements by the NRA because of what he said; it was because of what he did, year after year, on vote after vote.

He is still the same moderate Congressman known for fiscal responsibility in Washington.

He has never tried to hurt people who don’t agree with him, but works hard for compromise. He has been a steward of the public’s interests and tax dollars.

He is still the same guy people have counted on, and he’s the one needed to bring civility and progress back to the Blaine House.

Mike Michaud will work with people as governor, and he’ll work for them. Just like always.

Pat Malcolm, Lewiston

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