NORWAY — The granite wall in front of the Rowe Elementary School on Main Street was repaired this week by the town workers.

Crews from the Norway Highway Department spent about three days carefully lifting and resetting the stones in an attempt to secure them.

Town Manager David Holt said he authorized the project after several people expressed concern last winter when a stone kicked out onto the sidewalk. Although not an imminent danger to pedestrians, including the hundreds of students who travel by the wall and up the granite stairs each school day, Holt said the decision was made to repair the wall to ensure its long-term stability.

He credited the Highway Department with quick work and a beautiful result.

Crew members said resetting many of the stones revealed more granite beneath the ground.

It’s unclear when the wall was built, but postcards of the site dating back to 1906 clearly show the wall and granite stairs leading up to what was then Norway High School.

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