Four years ago, Paul LePage became governor as Mainers split votes between the two other candidates (Eliot Cutler and Libby Mitchell).

A similar situation is arising in the November gubernatorial election.

In facing Mike Michaud, independent Cutler is competing with a person who not only has shown great care for the veterans who risked their lives for this country, but also, as a former mill worker in Maine, has shown that he understands and has worked to serve the needs of the working men and women who represent the majority of the people in Maine.

To elect a governor who really represents the majority of the people of Maine, with a proven, caring history, is more important than mere words expressed in debates or in television commercials.

This year, I urge voters to unite and elect the proven representative of the people, Mike Michaud, as governor of Maine.

Donald LaBranche, Lewiston

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