Douglas Rooks’ column (Aug. 10) praising the ACA (Obamacare), saying it exceeded expectations, was a great example of how people form opinions and try to influence others using only information that supports their agenda.?

The ACA is a well known disaster and it is really disappointing that Rooks would use the increase in number of insured people as the only measure of its success. In truth, much of the insurance increase, if there is any in fact, comes from Medicaid.

Rooks fails to mention the thousands of people who lost their insurance. And he fails to mention those thousands who lost their jobs or were made to become part-timers because of ACA employer mandates.

Another omission by Rooks is the horrendous increase in premiums and deductibles.

What concerns me is the question that if Obamacare is so good, why has President Obama seen fit to unilaterally (and some say illegally) make dozens of changes, exemptions and delays of implementation to a law passed by a Congress that had not one single Republican vote (but many coerced and bribed Democrat votes)?

What happened to the promised $2,500 reduction in premium costs and the “You can keep your insurance and your doctor, period” promises?


Why do Catholic nuns have to pay for insurance policies that include contraceptives and abortion coverage?

Why do polls show that a large majority of the public want the ACA to go away, or at least be amended?

And why are Democrats distancing themselves from Obamacare and Obama himself?

George Jones, Otisfield

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