BANGOR — A 59-year-old man was arrested Thursday afternoon after he fired a bullet into the ceiling of his Bangor apartment in front of his caseworker, according to Bangor police.

Officers arrested James Corbett, 59, of 60 Cumberland Street about 3:45 p.m., about three hours after he allegedly raised a Glock 9 mm over his head and fired off a round inside his apartment.

Corbett was upset about a dispute with a neighbor and brandished the handgun while “making several threatening statements about the neighbor” to the caseworker, who was in the room at the time, according to Bangor police Sgt. Tim Cotton. The caseworker is employed by OHI, a mental health services organization in Bangor.

The gun was loaded, but the caseworker managed to talk Corbett into dropping out the magazine, according to Cotton. However, there was still a round in the chamber. At some point in the conversation, Corbett raised the gun over his head and pulled the trigger, firing a round into the ceiling. The space above Corbett’s apartment is an attic, and no one was there at the time.

No one was injured, and only one round was fired, Cotton said.

Corbett faces charges of reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and terrorizing. He is being held at Penobscot County Jail.

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