PARIS — A local woman was transported to the hospital with a minor head laceration after a two-vehicle crash at Route 26 and Paris Hill Road on Friday afternoon. 

Jessica Foster, 75, was transported to Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway with a cut to her head, police officer Michael Dailey said. 

He said Sheryl Farrington, 67, also of Paris, attempted to cross Route 26 from Paris Hill Road to Porter Street when her Chevrolet Lumina and a Jeep Wrangler headed south on Route 26 collided.

Foster was a passenger in Farrington’s car, he said.

The Jeep was driven by 45-year-old Jonathan Mann of Woodstock, Conn.

Neither Farrington nor Mann were injured, Dailey said.


According to several witnesses who ran to the scene after hearing tires squeal and a loud crash, Farrington continued driving up the hill on Porter Street, where the car eventually stalled.

Mann followed Farrington halfway up the Porter Street hill, passed her vehicle on the right over a lawn and swerved back into the road, Dailey said. 

Witnesses said Farrington looked stunned and was not trying to flee the scene. 

The Jeep’s wheel, fender and headlights were damaged. The passenger side of the Chevrolet was damaged, Dailey said. 

None of the other occupants were transported to the hospital.

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