The advice might feel a bit overwhelming, but most brides and grooms figure out how to sift through the stories of wedding successes and disasters to personalize all the final touches on their special day. By showcasing their personalities through different aspects of the wedding, guests will remember the special day for years to come.

Here are some ways to inject your personality into a wedding ceremony and reception:

* Tell or show your story. Every couple has the “how we met” and “how we got engaged” stories, and often they can be incorporated quite easily into the ceremony or the reception. For example, if you met at a sporting event, consider using sports paraphernalia as table centerpieces. Or if he proposed in a beautiful field of wildflowers, incorporate wildflowers into the decorations for the ceremony or the bouquets held by the bridesmaids. A couple of ways to tell personal stories are with a small write-up in the wedding program or a picture slideshow during the reception.

* Incorporate personal details. Every bride has a style. Some brides create an elegant wedding, while others prefer the edgy urban style. Some brides want an outdoorsy look to their weddings, and some think the vintage look matches their personalities perfectly. No matter your style, look for ways to incorporate that style in the details of the wedding. For example, start off with your wedding invitations. Invitations by Dawn has laser-cut wedding invitations to match your personality. Elegant lace, romantic flowers, creative fonts and delicate cutout shapes allow brides to hint at the wedding theme and show off their personality from the very beginning. All wedding invitations can be personalized online with fonts and colors, allowing a couple to match the wedding style perfectly. In a rush? Invitations by Dawn can process and deliver wedding invitations in a week.

* Write your own vows. Personalized vows allow a couple to share with each other, and their guests, how much they love each other, and how they plan to spend the rest of their lives together. The Internet has many examples to help a couple get started, and your guests will be impressed by the creativity and individuality that goes into the vows as you pledge your love to each other.

* Play some favorite tunes. If you’re planning a religious ceremony, ask the minister performing the wedding if there are any restrictions on music played. Churches typically will ask that music performed or played during the wedding ceremony be religious or classical, but the music played during the exit march can often be secular. For example, if the couple loves Star Wars, they could exit the church while the Imperial March is played. If the church is not open to secular music at all, another option is to play a favorite secular tune during the grand march into the reception venue.

With these simple touches, you’ll be able to inject plenty of individuality into your wedding ceremony and reception, allowing the guests who are celebrating with you to connect with your joy and excitement of matrimony. The personal elements will have everyone talking about your wedding for many anniversaries to come.

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