“People focus a great deal of attention on the curb appeal of a home, but oftentimes they don’t use their main entry door nearly as often as they do their garage door,” said Anita Piety marketing specialist for Fypon. “We recommend that homeowners treat themselves by making their garage door entrance more aesthetically appealing by adding synthetic trim pieces. This is a simple do-it-yourself project with great results!”

Piety suggested that the first basic element is to surround the entire garage door entry with weather-resistant polyurethane moulding or PVC trim. The pieces are easy to cut and install, plus they resist insect infestations, warping, splitting and humidity. Polyurethane products come with a pre-primed surface that is ready to paint or stain, so no sanding or additional priming is needed before installation. PVC trim pieces do not need to be painted.

As an option to moulding and trim, more detailed pilasters, which usually stand vertically to frame out an entry door, are a great way to add dimension and beauty to the sides of the garage entryway. After installing these, look at the top of the garage entrance.

“If homeowners have at least two feet of space between the top of the garage and the roofline, they can get creative by ‘topping off’ the garage entry with a crosshead,” said Piety. “These come in very long lengths — up to 207 inches in width — to accommodate large garage openings. Or, two smaller pieces can be ordered, installed side-by-side and the ‘gap’ covered with a keystone decorative element placed in the center.”

Simple tools, including premium adhesive, saw, measuring tape, hammer, nails, a level, a ladder and safety eyewear are all that are needed to completely transform the garage door décor on a home.

Another way to enhance the garage door is with a trellis system that are available in  sizes to accommodate either single- or double-car garages. A trellis system comes as a complete kit including durable outlookers, attractive beams, lattice and hardware. The trellis system adds architectural distinction to any home and comes in smooth white or stainable woodgrain.

“One of the best aspects of adding synthetic millwork and trim to the exterior of the home is that these products out-perform wood in so many ways,” said Piety. “Both polyurethane and PVC trim are made of a closed-cell product, making them resistant to moisture and insects. Each of the pieces also resists rotting, peeling and crumbling, so once the garage door surround is installed there’s virtually no maintenance required to keep it looking warm and welcoming for years to come!”

For additional information, call 800-446-3040 or visit www.fypon.com.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center

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