Public-sector employees should not be allowed to unionize. When private-sector employees negotiate with their employers, there is a balance of interest between the two parties, and common goals are reached. However, when public-sector employees negotiate with their employers, they are negotiating with people who need their votes in order to remain in office. So the elected officials cave in to the demands of the unions and the taxpayers take it in the teeth.

This is evidenced by Maine’s educational system. Only recently have charter schools been allowed to establish themselves in order to try to rectify Maine’s failed educational system.

What are we, living in the dark ages? What took so long for charter schools to be allowed to exist in Maine? The power of the teachers’ union, that’s what.

It is in the best interests of all of the citizens of Maine to outlaw all public-sector unions, otherwise tax bills will continue to skyrocket.

Steve Swan, Dixfield

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