LEWISTON — On Thursday, Oct. 2, Portland Comedy Co-Op will perform at Guthries featuring Matt Kona, a regular on the Boston comedy scene and a fresh voice. Not for the faint of heart, Kona’s dark sense of humor pokes fun at topics from the mundane to the taboo with equal sharpness. He blends absurdist one liners and twisted topical commentary.

The Co-op will also welcome special guest, Aimee Poulin, a fixture in Portland’s music scene, who sings and writes her own songs that happen to be so hilarious that she has brought them onto the comedy scene with fantastic results.

Your host for the night will be the Comedy Co-op’s own Aharon Hebert, a Lewiston native whose style is impossible to imitate. His endearing strangeness and ability to tell a riveting story make him one of Maine’s fastest rising stars.

Admission to this event is free though donations are accepted. She Doesn’t Like Guthrie’s, a locally owned and operated, eco-friendly restaurant that offers high quality healthy food while supporting live music and local art, is at 115 Middle St.

The show is open to all ages, though 18 and up is definitely recommended. More information is available at facebook.com/comeseecomedy or [email protected]

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