Sen. John Patrick of Rumford recently informed me that he “owned” his Senate seat and would be re-elected without campaigning. Yet, he took $23,500 from the Clean Election Fund and has placed huge signs district-wide.

When an official thinks he “owns” a seat, he has been in office too long.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to such arrogance. Joe Martin, an entrepreneurial businessman, is running for the “people’s seat.”

Martin is raising his own campaign money. He will be a great listener for all who need help dealing with the government. He is open-minded and will vote the issues and will not be in lock-step with any party, unlike the current senator.

People who want someone who will vote 100 percent with the AFL/CIO should vote for Sen. Patrick, but those who want someone who will vote to really help folks and support jobs for Maine should vote for Joe Martin.

Rep. Gary Knight, Livermore Falls

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