LEWISTON — The city kicks off efforts to rejuvenate Kennedy Park’s gazebo and bandstand Tuesday, Oct. 14.

The city has scheduled a ground-breaking ceremony at 10:30 a.m. in the park.

The gazebo has been closed and fenced off since 2010 due to safety concerns — damage to the concrete floor of the structure, erosion on the brick supports and wear on the wooden columns, as well as the wood structure under the roof.

The current plan calls for building a new structure similar to the park’s 1925 gazebo, but shorter: The 1925 gazebo’s floor was about five feet off the ground, and the new gazebo floor will be about two feet off the ground. The old roof will be moved onto the new structure when the work is done.

This is going to be a great event,” said William Clifford, chairman of the gazebo’s restoration committee, in a written statement. “Rejuvenating a structure that has such a rich history of political rallies and musical events is a real step forward for the city. I thank the many people who made it possible.”

The current plan to build a shorter bandstand will cost about $156,600.

According to an agreement with the city, the committee needed to raise at least half of the renovation costs to qualify for $75,000 in federal block grant money set aside by the Lewiston City Council.


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