The Old Town Water District wants to alert its customers that calls about the safety of local drinking water are not coming from the district.
According to Water District Superintendent Frank Kearney, a few customers have received such phone calls from someone wanting to discuss the safety of drinking water. “It is not a call from Old Town Water,” said Kearney. “Please be assured that no Water District employee will ever call about water quality or request to come to your home for a water sample unless we are properly identified by our familiar vehicles or by a letter explaining why we need to get into your home.”
Kearney said the callers appear to be attempting to sell water treatment equipment but never give a company name or phone number. If you have any doubt about who is calling, just hang up. If the individual – or for that matter, any other caller – threatens you in any way, please try to obtain a return phone number and call the police.

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