I am not the brightest bulb on the tree, however, I cringe at some of the deceptive ads shown on television that Paul LePage has approved for his re-election bid.

Let’s start with the one he promotes strongly, which is about welfare reform. LePage states that after five years, welfare is capped.


How many people can envision men, women and children who have reached the cap, homeless, laying in the streets, starving? That’s right, it will never happen, as welfare will continue after five years.

It sounded good, but not true.

Another ad states that LePage stopped charging the elderly residing in nursing homes sales tax on their meals. Sounds wonderful, however, the vast majority (at least 95 percent) of residents are on state programs and do not pay sales tax anyway.

Those appear to be intentional distortions of two of LePage’s so-called accomplishments.

Richard Smith, Lewiston

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