Being a county commissioner is a tough job, since every action is scrutinized. In her six years as a county commissioner, Elaine Makas has been a fierce advocate for Lewiston.

She helped create a new formula for a more equitable sharing of the costs for county dispatch for Lewiston, saving the city more than $40,000 a year.

As chair of the county’s safety committee, she is responsible for a considerable reduction in the county’s Workers Compensation costs and for reducing the number of workplace injuries.

In addition, she has been a strong advocate for all of the county employees to assure fair treatment for the often difficult and dangerous work they perform.

The county needs someone with a proven track record with passion for her city, for her county, and for the public’s quality of life. That is why I am supporting Elaine Makas’ re-election as county commissioner.

David Projansky, Lewiston

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