Bruce Poliquin paid $17,817.53 for property taxes in the year that his opponent says he paid $21. That is just under the highest tax bill in Georgetown by $729. That information is readily available.

If he was smart enough to enter 10 of his 12 acres into the Tree Growth program and save himself a couple thousand in taxes, my hat is off to him. What he did is perfectly legal and he did nothing unethical.

Someone who can find ways to save money is certainly the person that I want representing me in Congress.

Poliquin is an honest, hard-working person and would be a great Representative for the state of Maine. He cleaned up the Maine Turnpike Authority and then took on Maine State Housing that was going to spend $300,000 per apartment.

Bruce Poliquin is a person who knows how to find and get rid of waste.

Les Gibson, Sabattus