I was very disappointed in the outcome of the bear-baiting issue (Question 1) and the people of Maine, who voted out of fear and greed to continue the cruelty to Maine’s beautiful bears — animals that people seldom get to see because bears are so shy.

I guess it is true that money is the root of all evil.

A dictionary definition of “sport” is “that which amuses.” I did not think the ad on television was very “amusing” that showed a bear caught in either a trap or a snare. I do not understand how a snare would not hurt or cut into a bear’s foot. It would have to be tight enough to keep the bear from escaping.

That bear was crying in bewilderment, fear and pain. Its freedom, forever gone. Shame on us.

We are supposed to be humane, defined as having the moral qualities of mankind; benevolent.

Dawn Smith, Salem Township

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