The recent re-election of Gov. Paul LePage proved that the citizens of Maine strongly supported his programs. Democrats should conscientiously consider what is in the best interest of Maine, and not just what is good for the Democratic party line.

I believe there are other improvements that can be made in this state, such as:

• Make Maine a right-to-work state. Most states that have done this are thriving;

• Amend the state Constitution so that the attorney general is elected by the people, not by the party in power in the Legislature;

• Consider giving the governor the power of a line-item veto;

• Require a photo ID to receive an election ballot. The state should supply a photo ID for those citizens who don’t have one;

• Do not allow voter registration in the three days prior to an election;

• If this is a nation of laws, enforce them, particularly for illegal immigrants and marijuana;

• Make Maine financially attractive to veterans and retirees;

• Use available welfare funds for those who are unable to care for themselves;

• Continue to pursue less expensive sources of energy;

• Trim tax burdens for Mainers;

• Equalize taxes on hotel stays and eating at restaurants with our neighboring states — if one can afford to use hotels and restaurants, one can afford the tax.

• Make English the official language of the written records and documents of state and local government.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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