In his letter (Nov. 16), Tom Hart wrote exactly what I wanted to say — that Gov. Paul LePage does have morals and courage. He says exactly what is on his mind and I praise the voters of Maine for realizing that.

I am also thrilled that LePage didn’t take Mike Michaud’s phone call the night of the election. And now Michaud is crying about it? He should get over it.

Michaud has not done a thing since he has been in Washington and I am happy that he will be out of office.

That was the worse-run election I have ever seen and I was so thankful when it was over. Hopefully, the next one will be cleaner.

By the way, I thought a person’s choice for voting was private, that is why voting booths are curtained. So, why all the phone calls asking who we are going to vote for? I never say how I am voting.

Judy Baird, Lewiston

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