RUMFORD — Rumford police will do extra patrols through the holiday season and are seeking voluntary compliance to help make roads safer.

With the festivities of the holiday season underway, it is important for the community to be aware that Maine has tough liquor and liability laws concerning minors transporting, drinking or having alcoholic beverages, police Chief Stacy Carter said Tuesday in an email.

No person under the age of 21 shall transport alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle except in the scope of their employment or at the request of their parent, he said.

The penalties are:

* First offense: 30-day license suspension and a fine no more than $500.

* Second offense: 90-day license suspension and a fine not less than $200.


* Third offense: One-year license suspension and a fine of not less than $400.

“This is also a time for holiday parties and we would like to remind those to be responsible,” Carter said.

Furnishing liquor to a minor is a Class D misdemeanor crime. Any person who furnishes liquor to a minor, or allows a minor under that person’s control, or in any place under that person’s control, to have or consume liquor may be fined $2,000 and/or sentenced up to one year in jail, Carter said.

If the minor is less than 14 years old, or the violation is a second offense within six years, the minimum penalty is $1,500 fine and up to six months in jail. Any person who violates this crime commits a Class C felony if the consumption of liquor by the minor causes serious bodily injury to or death of the minor or any other individual, according to the chief.

“Please do not drink and drive,” Carter said. “If you plan on going out and having some drinks, designate a sober driver, ask a friend for a ride or take a taxi. We hope you have an enjoyable holiday season.”

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