This is in response to the Sun Journal article (Nov. 27) concerning the Dixfield selectmen and proposed changes to a new wind power ordinance.

On Nov. 4, townspeople voted to reject one proposed ordinance concerning wind power. Evidently the selectmen believe they do not have to accept the wish of the majority of the voters and seek to change the ordinance to their satisfaction. That attitude could make people wonder why they take the time to vote.

Selectmen Hart Daley, Scott Belskis and Norman Mitchell stand to be the most affected by the proposed wind project. The article related how Dixfield residents chastised the selectmen for belonging to anti-wind groups. Daley was quoted as saying “We are trying to create a balance.” But the setback was changed from 2,000 feet to 4,000 feet in the new proposal, against the advice of the board’s attorney.

I do not believe that such a change is creating a “balance.” Daley should check his math.

According to the article, Tom Carroll of Patriots Renewables has objected to the 4,000-foot setback, as it would render the wind project unfeasible economically.

Richard McInnis, Rumford

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