100 years ago, 1914
It is claimed that a movement is on foot to have the 77th legislature investigate the alleged Auburn shoe manufacturers’ agreement and it is said that a representative of the National Boot and Shoe Workers’ Union was in Auburn last week gathering evidence to be used in the investigation, which will not take place unless the National organization becomes convinced that the alleged condition exists. None of the local workers are willing for their names to be used because they say that some reason for their discharge would be found. This, they say, is another of the unfair conditions which exist and which they hope to have done away with.

50 years ago, 1964
Top security was the order of the day for Maine National Guardsmen in the Twin Cities Wednesday night as armed guardsmen and police kept watch over thousands of dollars in $2 bills while guardsmen received their quarterly pay. Members of the Guard usually receive their pay by check, but this payday was different. They were paid Wednesday night in $2 bills so the effect of the National Guard payroll on the economy of the area could be demonstrated in the influx of these bills in the area.

25 years ago, 1989
Long after most of their kind have gone south, the ducks linger on Sabattus Lake. They gather behind Foster’s General Store for their daily feeding. A human presence brings scores waddling, pecking at the visitor’s shoe in an attempt to cadge a handout. Increasingly, they have become a focus of local controversy. “There’s probably over 200 of them here now,” said Linda Foster, who owns the store with her husband, Michael. “I don’t think they could make it here without the feeding,” she said. “Most of the winter there’s only a little patch of water open, just where the Sabattus River comes into the lake. Most of them would have to move south, or else they’d starve.” Although the ducks provide pleasure to many people who enjoy watching and feeding them, others find their presence a nuisance.

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