The great outdoors is even greater when you’re prepared for all of the things Mother Nature can throw your way.

Holiday shoppers with a person who enjoys the outdoors on their shopping list can turn this holiday season into a truly joyous occasion with the following gifts tailor-made for tackling the great outdoors.

* Folding kayak:

Kayaking is a great way to take in the great outdoors, but not everyone has the room at home to store kayaks when they aren’t being used to traverse nearby waterways. Those who live in apartments, condominiums or smaller homes with limited storage may appreciate a folding kayak, which can be stored in a closet or beneath a bed and put together in a matter of minutes.

Folding kayaks that can be stored in vehicle trunks and quickly assembled once you arrive at your kayaking destination also can save kayakers money on roof racks for their vehicles.

* Waterproof backpack: A good outdoor person knows never to leave home without a waterproof parka, but what about his or her backpack? A waterproof backpack protects valuables, including cell phones, cameras and tools, from the elements.


Look for backpacks with waterproof zipper systems to ensure your loved one’s valuables are fully protected on rainy treks through the forest.

* Water filter:

Drinking straight from natural water sources may seem like a genuinely adventurous thing to do, but it’s genuinely dangerous as well. A hiker’s water filter greatly reduces his or her risk of suffering illness after drinking water tainted with bacteria such as E.coli.

Even the most serene streams or isolated rivers can contain harmful bacteria, so a portable water filter is a necessity.

* Compass:

Many of us have grown to rely on our smartphone apps to get us from point A to point B. While such apps may do the job when we are near cell phone towers, phone signals are often less reliable in more remote locations, such as forests and national parks.

A reliable compass is all one may need to make his or her way through the wilderness.

* Hot dog roasters: No trip to the great outdoors is complete without roasting some hot dogs over an open flame. But far too many hot dogs have been lost to the fire thanks to traditional campfire forks that don’t provide adequate hold as hot dogs cook over an open flame. Curly hot dog roasters wrap around the hot dogs, snuggly holding them in place as the franks cook. 

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