Years ago, I worked for the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department. I was only part-time, but I spent enough time there to see how terrible county government can work.

The people have changed but the dirty games with the commissioners continue. As history will show, the commissioners will spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting the Sheriff’s Department Employees Association. This has gone on forever. I would like to know how much money has been paid to the county’s attorney. I am sure it would shock the public.

Now the county Budget Committee has moved toward cutting the unheard-of pay and benefit package of the commissioners. The greedy commissioners have gone against the advice of the Budget Committee and raised the amount set by the committee for commissioners’ compensation.

That shows one thing to me — those people are not here for the good of the county, but for the good of themselves.

I sit back now, as a former sheriff’s department employee, and watch those self-centered commissioners at work. It is no wonder people don’t like county government.

If I were a sheriff’s department employee now, I would be running up and down the county building halls yelling, “How does it feel, commissioners, how does it feel?”

Shawn Dufault, Poland

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