RUMFORD — Selectmen voted 5-0 Thursday night to allow fire Chief Bob Chase to use up to $12,000 to rebuild a blown engine in the Rescue 1 truck.

Chase said the engine failure occurred during a Dec. 10 storm.

He said that after looking at various options, he decided to send it to Hight Ford in Skowhegan. The department’s home maintenance budget is approximately $10,000 annually and the remaining $2,000 can be taken from the department’s capital reserve.

Chase said Rescue 1 is a 2003 Ford with 22,000 miles. It carries the department’s extrication and water rescue tools.

Selectman Brad Adley, who owns an automotive garage and sells vehicles, said Rescue 1’s 6.0L power stroke diesel engine “is just a high-failure engine.” He said he wasn’t surprised the engine blew since that’s what typically happens. “It’s really an unfortunate circumstance,” Adley said. “It’s sad, but it’s a reality.”

Adley said Rescue 1’s chassis has another 10 years of life, so it didn’t make sense to replace the truck.


Chase said it would cost $15,000 for a new engine, $2,000 for labor, plus any additional costs, but he’d rather have the engine remachined for $12,000.

“I really think this is the most cost-effective way,” he said.

Chase said the work would be completed in two to three weeks.

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