100 years ago, 1914
Blown 2,000 miles off her course, the four-masted schooner, City of Lewiston, principally owned by Lewiston and Auburn people, and commanded by Capt. Thomas T. Ginn of Auburn, arrived Monday in Mayaguez, Porto Rico. The vessel sailed from Boston, three weeks ago for Bridgewater, N. S., and under normal conditions would have reached the latter port in a few days. News of the safe arrival, even tho so far from its intended destination relieves the tension locally felt. Report says that the Lewiston was undamaged despite the hard siege, due doubtlessly to the masterly ability of its captain.

50 years ago, 1964
Robert P. Roy, president of the Continental Corporation, owners of the former Continental Mills buildings in Lewiston, reported today that Hana Shoe Corporation, one of the newest shoe manufacturing firms to locate in the old mill building, has leased another 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Roy, who purchased the vacant mill property, now has ten firms operating at that location. Also, within the past three months, Falcon Rule Company has leased an additional 15,000 square feet, and Billen Shoe Co., has taken on another 20,000 square feet. Roy estimated that workers at the former textile plant now exceed 1,000, which is more than when the mill was in operation.

25 years ago, 1989
Within the next two years, Maine’s citizens will be able to board a passenger train in Portland and arrive in Boston one hour and 40 minutes later, if Train Riders/Northeast has its way. That was the message Rotary International heard Thursday from guest speaker Wayne Davis, founder of the movement to return passenger train service to Maine. While Europeans have long known the benefits of passenger rail service, the United States has lagged sadly behind because of the explosive growth of the auto industry coupled with railroad companies that wanted to get out of the passenger business, he said.

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